100/200 Challenge: Day 1

I’ll start with what I’m reading, which, as I said in the previous post, is Andrea Barrett’s The Air We Breathe. I’m not done with the novel yet, so I won’t talk about the book itself just yet, but reading it did get me thinking more about something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. And that something is, terrifically mundanely, the weather.

I love talking about the weather. I check the weather several times a day, I look at thermometers, and whenever I (misguidedly) sit down to write a poem, it always ends up being, in one way or another, about the weather. And I don’t know anything particularly about the weather–I have no scientific knowledge of it beyond the basic concept that different kinds of weather meeting (warm systems meeting cold systems) generally makes for even more interesting (or intimidating) weather. But I find something compelling in the seasons’ change–possibly because I dread the cold months (and for me, there’s nine of those a year)–quite enough that when I first meet people, that’s often my topic of choice. And I’m certain I seem terribly awkward and uncreative (“Oh, she has nothing to talk about but the weather,” they say), but it’s not a lack of interest that motivates me–rather, it’s the opposite.

And this little postlet, I suppose, beyond being in keeping with my resolution, is also to say that you may find more about the weather here, in future days, in general, or in specific.

What is your favorite topic that no one expects to be a favorite topic?

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