In times of cold, everything draws inward.

Well. Except for water. But I’m not here to talk about water.

In truth, I’m not entirely sure what I’m here to talk about today. I suppose I’ll start with difficulty.

At this time of year, everything starts with difficulty for me. I am happiest waking up early–truly, 5:15 agrees with me. In August, that hour is tinged with gray, and the sky warms and warms (at least here in Wyoming, where our days are sunny more often than not), and by the time everything has lit and the world’s begun, I’ll have written, I’ll have had breakfast, and I might even be clean and ready to start all of the other parts of my day.

Here at the end of October, in a week that’s showcased our Casper winds, “early” means having to shed the blissfully warm cocoon of blankets for a chill, chill room and no promise of daylight until seven has come and gone. The clock changes in November will perhaps help a little, but December shortens the days more, and we’ll be back where we were. This all translates to me abusing the snooze button, and I know that’s not an effective or useful strategy for me. I feel like the trees, the sap in my limbs slowing and slowing, and then there’s very little in the way of growth. This is all well and good if one is an Ent, but I am, alas, not.

So I’ll be looking for solutions to this issue as we trundle forward into winter. It’s the same problem, every year. It’s high time to do something about it.

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