Lazy Sunday

Well, it’s not exactly lazy-lazy–I still have a to-do list, but the weekend has felt incredibly decadent in that I didn’t/don’t have anything to grade. To that end, I’ve been rather productive in the sense that I’ve gotten a nice-sized batch of stories out into the world.

I’ve also decided that perhaps the more effective option for my November challenge might be to ensure that I do one writerly act each day. I say this because, while I’ve been accomplishing things, I haven’t exactly been following my own plan. Mostly, I’ve been striking while the proverbial iron is hot–instead of revising one story, I did two. Instead of sending one story out to three places, I sent two out to a total of nine journals. So, I’m resolving not to be particularly fussed over what gets accomplished in what order, so long as something gets done.

One thing that has actually helped me to be productive is the acquisition of some new writing tools. I try to avoid relying on “stuff” whenever possible, but when there’s a basic pleasure in using the instrument, I find myself far more interested in completing tasks. Most significantly, I’m talking about fountain pens. In March, I acquired my first fountain pen: a Levenger True Writer in a pattern called Water Lilies. It has since been discontinued, which is heartbreaking because it’s really, really lovely (and inspired by the Monet painting, of course). In the past month, too, I added a black Levenger True Writer with a stub nib and a Lamy Studio to my new collection.

There are countless blogs devoted to the art of the fountain pen–to fine-tuning and appreciating the nuances of these instruments. At this point, I’m not qualified to comment on any of these issues, but what I can say is that there is a brilliant and beautiful simple pleasure in writing with a quality pen. The ink flows without any kind of pressure–not only is it much, much easier on my hands (which makes it easier to write for a long time), but there is a lovely metaphorical reassurance in that, too. The writing instrument isn’t fighting the writer, so that leaves one with only the idea and the words themselves to wrestle.

One thought on “Lazy Sunday

  1. I used a fountain pen all the time in high school. And NO, that was not before the invention of the ball point pen! Do these Levenger wonders use cartridges, or ink from a bottle? I think I might have a notion of what to ask Santa for this year. *strokes chin*


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