A picture of that stegosaurus

This is the stegosaurus I was talking about yesterday. I thought you needed to see it. 
Stegosaurus = coolest dinosaur ever. Just sayin’.

Update on Florida: we are here and that’s pretty glorious (humidity! heat!). Last night, we hit up the Red Mesa Cantina for dinner. That was pretty transcendent. I had a duck taco with red chili jam. And fried yucca, which I’d never had before. Deliciousness. And even through I didn’t order a margarita (and our waiter was pretty disappointed in our choice of plain unsweetened iced tea), he showed us cell-phone videos of the Grand Prix race that had taken place in the city last weekend. (He was a great waiter. I wish he’d told us his name.)

Today, I spent a big chunk of my day learning about literary studies & American studies topics I didn’t know about and hanging out with a former grad school colleague that I never really knew very well while we were in the same grad program. It was rather lovely. I’m inspired (doubly) to actually make my own peanut butter, and now I have a few South American authors to check out. (This is the magic of conversations with English majors: you learn about new writers and exciting things to read.)

Also, there were tornado warnings/watches all day, so plans to go exploring in St. Pete got considerably derailed. But baseball has begun, so we spent the evening watching the Cardinals/Padres & the Giants/Dodgers games. I just wish I hadn’t run out of books to read: I read all of Kingsolver’s The Bean Trees on the flight to Tampa. I’m now bookless (though I’m hoping to find something exciting at the conference book fair tomorrow for the way home).

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