Short Relief

We’re on the doorstep of baseball season, which is, in short, a relief, and I am pleased to share with you the birth of Short Relief, a Monday-Friday column from the wonderful folks at Baseball Prospectus. What it is: a daily collection of two or three short pieces by a variety of writers. The content: think baseball-adjacent—ephemera, trivia, exploration.

My first offerings include:

And to date, we’ve had dizzy bat races, Langston Hughes shout-outs, classical pianists, aesthetic disputes on baseball card design, and ever so much more.

My work goes up on Mondays, and this is the first longish-term regularly recurring writing gig of my life. It comes in addition to the rest of life—teaching, novel-writing, visiting-writers-series-directing, occasional Classical-editing—but here on the fourth weekend of preparing a piece, it is thus far most diverting. Aside from being an opportunity to write and work with really talented baseball writing folks, many of whom do this for a living, it’s quite exciting to have a regularly scheduled front-facing outlet. (As opposed to my usual writing life, which is mostly me facing the keyboard, pre-dawn.)

So stop by the Short Relief archive sometime. The pieces are short—300-500 words—and quite a lot of fun, playing with genre and expectation, and celebrating, as series editor and progenitor Patrick Dubuque writes, “the aesthetic, the metaphorical, and the ridiculous aspects of baseball as an unproductive labor that induces such devotion and contentment.”

2 thoughts on “Short Relief

  1. Congratulations on the new writing job, Holly! That’s incredible.
    I understand what you mean about it being diverting. I find a lot of writing projects that seem important to working toward my writing goals end up being more of a distraction than I intended.
    Hopefully this gig will become routine yet rewarding, and you can get back to your novel. I’m curious about what your novel is about.
    I also enjoyed learning the technical term for “first longish-term regularly recurring writing gig of my life.” 🙂 It reminds me of how writers are always bumping up the bar for their achievements, striving to accomplish more, and I don’t think there are technical names for a lot of these different points. Keep up the great work!

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    1. Mandie,

      The Baseball Prospectus gig isn’t really a “job” and I’ve still got my full-time teaching duties, but it’s been a great deal of fun! And I never stepped away from my novel, thankfully–I’m pretty happy that I can keep my writing time and space compartmentalized effectively.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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