spring updates

To say that it’s been a strange spring is the understatement of the year. This is the eighth week I’ve been outside of my usual classrooms and inside a virtual one, and that’s done now, too; the only thing left in the semester is the grading. And then it’ll be so long to that for a bit, and not only for the summer:

I am very happy to share that I’ve run the tenure gauntlet successfully and am now Associate Professor of English & Director of Creative Writing at LVC. I was also approved for a sabbatical in fall 2020, so it’ll be ten months, all told (counting out from mid-March, when classes moved online), until I’m back in a classroom again. This will be the longest I’ve been away from teaching since I started teaching, and though I adore teaching, I am looking forward to being able to focus on my writing and not being pulled in quite so many directions at once, for a little while, at least.

In other news that’s good:
I had a piece published in Hobart‘s annual baseball feature, a little slurve between fiction & poetry, “The Steadying Hand.” I’m streaming a YouTube upload of Game 3 of the 2008 World Series in the background as I work on this post. I miss baseball, miss it terribly, miss its steady pulse across my days. There is the KBO starting up, but I’m not quite awake at most of those game times. Even right now, watching this replay of 2008, with Jamie Moyer on the mound and Jimmy Rollins at short and my first full-time teaching job a year away—my own history and heart tied up in this game in the background—it’s hard to feel gripped by it. Even while I’m enjoying seeing these faces and hearing these names I seem to have known so much of my life, it’s not the same. The recording feels like a recording. There’s not much I can do to trick myself into believing otherwise.

I have digressed. Let me return to my goal of good news: I was also fortunate to have been chosen for AWP’s Writer to Writer mentorship program this spring. My mentor, Lucy Ferriss, has provided me with a wealth of excellent advice, editorial expertise, good humor and a sharp eye in equal measure, and a much-needed anchor to the craft in a sea of tumult. It’s been a gift to be a participant in this.

an image of a small flowering plant growing over a stone bridge and a creek flowing beneath
a bit of overgrowth on the stone bridge

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