I waffled about doing a year-end post for most of the last six weeks. As a concept, I tell myself I’m tired of year-end lists of all kinds, except I keep reading them, happy and grateful for the things other people have written, made, done. (And mad, big mad, when I see books I loved … More hindsight


We’re coming into that awkward weekend of changing clocks, and I don’t know if it will be different now, given how pandemic time is different and not at all different. … More savings

whale in the hollow

I’m the whale, I’ve decided, with baleen about the eyes instead of the mouth, ready to pull in great gulps and filter out what’s not needed later, because my aim here is beginning something new. That means I get to stand in the heart of the field, hang my head out the car window, dive deep, deep with every sense wide open. Get to be a crow. Pluck out every scrap on the heap with the least bit of shine, even if the shimmer is only because this stone’s been in the rain and it’s going to dry out dull enough. … More whale in the hollow