Between Seasons

This post is certainly wishful thinking–spring in Wyoming generally has very little to do with the month of March. However, last week we had some properly warm days–I even opened a window or two once or twice–and it fooled at least one crocus per block into springing forth. We have some tulip greens inching their … More Between Seasons

On Timing

It is, of course, the last of the year. This is the day that we finish things, or we lament what we have not finished, or, perhaps most commonly, we ignore all of the unfinished things in that chrome-bright anticipation for tomorrow, for starting new things. All around the interwebs, we lay out our new clothes … More On Timing

Unexpected Marvels

I’d been introduced to the nyckelharpa through the music of Väsen a little over a year ago by a dear friend, and through that lovely chain of discovery that is the internet, yesterday I found the music of Bardou. I certainly don’t claim to be a source of real knowledge on the band, but it appears … More Unexpected Marvels