recent(ish) publications

It’s been a minute since I updated. Here’s some recent publishing news: My essay “The Sum of Our Doing,” which is about the Camino de Santiago, identity, tragedy, and competition (among other things), appears in Bodies Built for Game: The Prairie Schooner Anthology of Contemporary Sports Writing, edited by Natalie Diaz and Hannah Ensor, due … More recent(ish) publications

this Aprille day

I’m a day late for proper “Whan That Aprille Day” celebrations, but I’ll combine two important holidays with one image: Because today is…the second Aprille day, and it happens to be Opening Day for Major League Baseball, which is to say the beginning of my own personal High Holy Days. Part of what makes April, … More this Aprille day

Short Relief

We’re on the doorstep of baseball season, which is, in short, a relief, and I am pleased to share with you the birth of Short Relief, a Monday-Friday column from the wonderful folks at Baseball Prospectus. What it is: a daily collection of two or three short pieces by a variety of writers. The content: think baseball-adjacent—ephemera, trivia, exploration. … More Short Relief