Relegateds, Mount Up

I’ll start this with a confession that Warren G’s Regulate…G Funk Era was definitely the first album my parents banned me from listening to. That didn’t happen very often, as my parents didn’t listen to enough music to know what we were listening to (they objected also to Nirvana’s In Utero, but only because of the … More Relegateds, Mount Up


This is probably a case of too much social media/too many platforms, but I wrote this over on Tumblr and I liked it enough to at least put up a pointer here: Learning from Hunter Pence’s game-winning flail swing last night In other Phillies news, happy Cole Hamels day!

To the Line: Living Pedagogy from the Bleachers

Tonight I am spending my evening watching two basketball games at the community college where I teach. I have, combined, on the women’s and men’s teams, six current students, and at least half a dozen former students. This is not the first basketball game I have been to for my students—I attended one last spring, … More To the Line: Living Pedagogy from the Bleachers