On Friday, July 11, Stymie Magazine founding editor Erik Smetana announced that Stymie will be closing its doors after rolling out a few last accepted pieces. This makes me sad, not only because a great journal that published a lot of things I enjoyed reading, but also because Stymie Magazine helped me as a writer … More stymied

How many times?

At this time of the year, every year, at least twice a week, I have the same conversation with myself. After the litany of cold cold cold miserable cold death despair hibernation cold I wish I was dragon runs its course, I wonder how many times I have to fall off the wagon before I learn … More How many times?

Geno best.

Malkin spoke about the gay athlete/Russia controversy. Handled it well. Asked if he would mind having a gay teammate: “No. No problem.”— Josh Yohe (@JoshYohe_Trib) September 12, 2013 YES.