Recent Activity

Essay: “Discovery and Re-Discovery in Endpapers in Ploughshares blog (February 2023), on Jennifer Savran Kelly’s Endpapers.

Essay: A Line in the World‘s Imaginings” in Ploughshares blog (December 2022), on Dorthe Nors’s A Line in the World.

Essay: “The Interplay of the Collective and the Individual in We Ride Upon Sticks in Ploughshares blog (November 2022), on Quan Berry’s We Ride Upon Sticks.

Essay: Curing Season: Artifacts’ Exploration of Form” in Ploughshares blog (October 2022), on Kristine Langley Mahler’s Curing Season: Artifacts.


Microfiction: “August” & “Spinster” in Passages North 43 (March 2022)

“Lepidoptery” in Vida Review 7 (November 2021)

“The Bolton Strid” in Shenandoah 70.2 (July 2021)

“monsieur reynard” in Four Way Review, Issue 19, and an interview about the piece with FWR fiction editor David Lerner Schwartz in monologging.

The Steadying Hand. ” HAD, formerly at Hobart (April 2020) & reprinted in Boog City 137: The Baseball Issue

Elephant Graveyards (Barrelhouse 15)

Coyotes of Chicago (Whiskeypaper)

The Rogers Ladder (Gulf Stream #13), also featured at the Ploughshares blog: “Best Short Story I Read in a Lit Mag This Week.”

Weight & Bamboo (Festival Writer)

Heading North (Novel Excerpt) (Classical Magazine Issue 8, The Books Issue)

To the Wall (Rappahannock Review)

Jonah, The Whale (HAD, formerly published by Hobart), nominated for a Pushcart Prize

Indelible (Bluestem Magazine)

Rock and Bone (Memorious 17)

Middle Infield (Stymie Magazine)

“Dreamfish.” Gray’s Sporting Journal. Feb/March, 2004.


“(What is here inserted comes from a Credible Hand and attested by some now in Boston)” (Memorious 24 and Winner of the 2014 Memorious/Writers Block Poetry Contest)

“That the true owner may have it again” (Footnote #2: A Journal of Literary History)

“Salt” (Footnote #2)

Nonfiction, Reviews, & Interviews

Essay: Natural History‘s Echoes” in Ploughshares blog (September 2022), on Andrea Barrett’s Natural History.

Essay: “Isolation and The Wild Hunt in Ploughshares blog (August 2022), on Emma Seckel’s The Wild Hunt.

Essay: “The Gap Between Knowing and Understanding in On Bullfighting in Ploughshares blog (July 2022), on A. L. Kennedy’s On Bullfighting.

Essay: Spear‘s Exploration of the Power of Understanding” in Ploughshares blog (June 2022), on Nicola Griffith’s new novel, Spear.

Essay: “Authority and Trust in Ploughshares blog (May 2022)

Essay: “Conversation in The Affirmations in Ploughshares blog (April 2022)

Essay: “Blessed Cat Jeoffry” in Ploughshares blog (March 2022)

Essay: The Cactus League‘s Sense of Control” in Ploughshares blog (February 2022)

Essay: “What is a Ghost in the Throat For?” in Ploughshares blog (January 2022)

Interview: “Finding Meaning in Where the Why Leads: An Interview with Kyle Beachy,” The Rumpus (August 2021)

Review: “Storytelling Refracted: Nathalie Léger’s Suite for Barbara Loden, Exposition, and The White Dress” at Rain Taxi, Issue 100 (print only) (November 2020)

Interview: “100 Miles of Baseball: An Interview with Dale & Heidi LM Jacobs.” Baseball Prospectus (March 2020)

Review: “What is (and isn’t) Held in the Light: Diane Zinna’s The All-Night Sun,” at The Rumpus (July 2020)

Interview: “Too Bright to Belong: An Interview with Clare Beams,” at The Rumpus (February 2020)

Phillies Essay, 2020 Baseball Prospectus annual.
What does Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 Romeo + Juliet have to do with baseball? Everything.

“The Sum of Our Doing” (Bodies Built for Game: The Prairie Schooner Anthology of Contemporary Sports Writing, eds. Natalie Diaz and Hannah Ensor, 2019)

“No. 107″ (part of Every Atom: Whitman at 200, North American Review, curated by Brian Clements)

Beep: Inside the Unseen World of Baseball for the Blind: An Interview with David Wanczyk (Baseball Prospectus)

Long Relief: Asking for Nothing (feature at Baseball Prospectus)

Long Relief: A Meditation on a Mess of Baseball Cards (feature at Baseball Prospectus)

Contributions to Short Relief (column at Baseball Prospectus) as Holly Wendt and Holly M. Wendt

Phillies Essay (2016 Baseball Prospectus Annual)

Leaving Early (The Rumpus)

On the Value of Hearing No, Kindly (Bluestem Magazine Blog)

Why I Write (Stymie Magazine)

Nowhere Near Alabama, But Home’s Still Sweet: The Fine Art of the Walk-Up Track (Recess Magazine)

The Last Book I Loved: The History of the Peloponnesian War (The Rumpus)

Driving To Utopia, Arizona (The Classical) & others


“‘What’s the Message?’: Building Community through Tolkien’s Beowulf” (The Ballad of the Lone Medievalistpunctum books, 2018)

‘Breme Beowulf’ and ‘Inclite Pelagi’: Colonizing the Comitatus (The CEA Critic, 77.1, 2015)

Interviews and Extras

Artists in the Archives at the American Antiquarian Society

Contributor: Effectively Wild Episode 1592: The Roger Angell Centennial Celebration (written transcript linked on podcast page, also)

“More than just a Poetry Reading” (LVC Faculty Voices blog)

“A Long Walk in Spain: Student, Scholar, Pilgrim” (LVC Faculty Voices blog)

Phillies Preview on the Effectively Wild Podcast with Ben Lindberg and Sam Miller (January 2016)

Louisville Literary Arts/Writer’s Block/Memorious Poetry Contest Interview (November 2014)

Rappahannock Review Contributor Interview (December 2013)

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